reflect and refract

I believe leaders have two responsibilities: (1) Reflect on experience so you can make meaning and share stories; and (2) spot, magnify, and refract strengths.

To serve your growing leadership skill and confidence, I’m hosting a series of virtual roundtables called Reflect & Refract. I believe each of us has something to teach and to learn, so I’ll be holding space for a spirited exchange among interested (and interesting) people.

I’ll be developing specific topics for each of five roundtable categories:

  1. Fundraising authenticity and impact
  2. Planning in uncertain times
  3. The inner dimensions of leading
  4. Navigating organizational behavior
  5. Adaptive strategy development

My interests run deep in each…and they represent areas where I believe I can make my best contribution.

Each month features a different category. Each one hour session will have a topic framework announced in advance. I’ll kickstart the discussion with a few of my own reflections. We’ll use the balance of our time (~ 30 minutes) for discussion & interaction. Whoever shows up is meant to be there. Occasionally, I’ll invite a thinking partner as a guest presenter.

Drop in to one or more. Stay for as long as you get benefit.

Zoom. Registration and all communications through Eventbrite.

Zippo. Nada. Nothing.* (ALERT! ALERT! *OK, it’s not entirely free. Entry requires you to have genuine curiosity about the topic and a willingness to contribute your best thinking. That’s worth a lot!)

Pre-registration is required. You can do that by clicking on the links in any of the scheduled roundtables below. Once onto the registration page, you can also opt to follow my page to receive automatic announcements of upcoming offerings.


October 10, 12:00 p.m. (noon) Eastern Daylight Time
Category: Organizational Behavior
My Organization is Killing Me! What Can I Do About It…I’m Just One Person!?

November 9, 12:00 p.m. (noon) Eastern Standard Time
Category: Leadership
Dancing With Resistance: Five (of 10) Intuitive Leadership Moves