Prioritized Personal Attention Retainer

You should be viewing your work now as if you were a start-up. Everything has changed. Call into your circle those who you trust most and get busy reimagining possibility. 

Direct access to me as a thinking partner, strategist, trusted counselor. Available to individuals and entire organizational teams. Clients retaining my services at this level receive priority attention and on-demand response. By retaining my attention in this way, you are assured that I continually attend to developments in your environment, enabling me to understand your context and the nuances of what you’re navigating. 

Fees determined by scope of access and duration retained. Minimum retained period is three months. 


Growth Accelerator Series

Sometimes, one good take-away can clear away the fog of uncertainty and renew your resolve. It’s looking increasingly clear that we’re now running a marathon instead of a sprint. Your agility, adaptability, and resilience will be tested…perhaps like never before. That’s why illuminating strengths—yours personally and the best of what is all around you—is essential to your success.

A weekly virtual exploration of one or more provocative questions designed to help you see with new eyes the environment you’re being asked to navigate. 75-90 minute interactive sessions intended to help you get traction in the new reality. Because change begins with the very first question you ask, this series is focused upon the power of questions to positively disrupt blockages, eliminate distractions, and reframe moments as possibility. The questions stem from an appreciative posture, constantly looking for what you want to see grow in value.

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Transformation Workshops

The complexity of the current situation demands you have access to learning labs—a place where you can roll up your sleeves and think through how to create real inflection. If this newly emerging reality has turned everything upside down, you’ll want to understand the underlying mindset shifts essential for personal adaptation and for pointing the way for those you serve and lead.  

Outcome-driven virtual deep dives into leadership, organizational learning, and professional practice issues. Each workshop is a series of three 90-min modules over 15 days (schedule co-determined with you)—compressed enough for you to experience the continuity and “just-in-time” applicability of the learnings…and…expansive enough for you to breathe, reflect, and practice in between modules. This design builds a sense of readiness as you launch into your next initiative.


Specific Projects

If you’re faced with a time-sensitive undertaking and need to outsource development and/or roll-out, you’ll want a trusted, experienced partner who can deliver what you need. What do you most want to do now? What does your intuition say is in your blind spot that I could help you see? What might be possible for you and the people you’re working with if you could more fully…

  • Illuminate strengths and assets?
  • Consider multiple future scenarios and determine adaptation strategies
  • Connect your whole stakeholder ecosystem?
  • Recognize possibility?
  • Envision bold futures?
  • Design, prototype ideas, and adapt more quickly?
  • Develop sustainable resource strategies?
  • Achieve more genuine leverage for greater impact?

What project are you considering that could result in greater direction, inflection, and fuel for the future you most want to see?