Conversation NEXT: Making Your Highest Leadership Contribution During Times of Uncertainty and Rapid Change

Three Modules (over 5 months)

Since our first offering in 2009, Conversation has always been a safe place for deeper exploration—and practicing your contribution—at the intersection of your deepest passions/strengths and the biggest organizational and world needs around you. At this next Conversation you’ll first experience three powerful leadership learnings…and then unpack the undergirding principles of those learnings. This is an experiential learning laboratory.

You’ll be asked to draw upon your own inner leadership journey—from both personal and organizational contexts—to intentionally illuminate and explore new breakthrough pathways.

Different from any prior offering, the next Conversation’s  key features include:

  • Module 1: immersive retreat – experiential learning around three core leadership learning lessons (dates and location co-deterrmined with the learning cohort)
  • Module 2: personal practice (with a mid-point virtual group check-in), culminating with a written reflective learning commitment
  • Module 3: Day-long virtual summative retreat. Lifting and reinforcing the learnings about the lessons. (date dependent upon date of Module 1 launch)

The intended result of one’s participation is that you leave with an even clearer sense of your authentic leadership value…and the impact to be made by unleashing the highest and best contribution you can make—an evolving conversation with reality and the future you most seek to evoke around you. Better yet, because these learnings are practice-based, each successive module reinforces and deepens your learning.

This deep exploration of the foundational elements of leadership success is intended to engage, inform, and inspire you to be a catalyst for change in your own settings and communities of influence. Together, we’ll explore powerful leadership possibilities by:

  1. Lifting your conscious awareness (choice) of what to see;
  2. Awakening and reinforcing your inner voice (the true leader within);
  3. Knowing where and how to intervene in a human ecosystem, transcending the conventional.

With each Conversation, we seek to establish the seeds of a continuing and enriching network that nourishes us as individuals and helps each of us change how we converse, inspire, and seek new dimensions of impact. 

Module 1 is more retreat-like than workshoppy. There are no slick presentations, no sponsored events, no vendor meet-n-greets, and no chair-lined auditoriums. Participants are the program. Together, we determine the arc and depth of our discussion. Guided with an appreciative inquiry style, I invite you to explore what it means to be in right relation to your work, what constitutes wise action and lasting impact, and what is possible through concerted action.

Module 2 is for self-directed application – practicing with intention what you’ve learned. I’ll provide you a reflection guide, inviting you to briefly write your observations across this module, further searing in your learnings. Submit your written reflects prior to Module 3 and, with your permission, we’ll share them with your cohort.

Module 3 gets framed by all the shared learnings. During our day-long virtual retreat (with ample breaks from the screen), we’ll lift and reinforce the learnings and offer additional insights to amplify and elevate your leadership practice.

ASK YOURSELF: What if you could positively influence your surrounding environment far more than you think you can? What might you lean in to with that new grounding and confidence? At Conversation, you will come to see that, in fact, you have had influence on others…and you’ve got stories that illustrate that. Coupled with that grounding and confidence what if you could see new levels of tailwinds, resources, and shared intention right where you are today? Now what might be possible for the initiative, the cause, the work you care about most deeply? Your contributory spirit is our starting point. What you choose to do with it is up to you…AND to those around you at this gathering; people who, like you, hold one another’s stories dearly and want only to fan embers of your success.


Standard Package: $4,300
All three Modules

Premium Package: $10,000
All three Modules plus  continuous coaching throughout Module 2
to apply these learnings in your organizational setting and to coach, think, problem-solve with you as you do so.

Initial Retreat Only: $3,000
Participation in only the initial 3-day retreat

This Conversation will open you at multiple dimensions—heart, mind, and will—which leads to seeing possibility through new eyes. Nearly everyone who applies to be part of Conversation wants to do something—big or small—that requires others to join them on the path. How might you engage these people (your social ecosystem) in ways that foster new thinking, blunts and reverses the pervasive skepticism, and results in building and sharing ownership and enthusiasm for positive possibility? These are the kind of questions we’ll be leaning into throughout this leadership learning lab. Whether you opt to come alone or with a small group, you’ll be part of a carefully selected group of leaders with a shared sense of making a lasting difference for at least one other person…and, perhaps, for our world.

“Having participated in  six Conversations myself, and sent staff members to two others, I can say with confidence that this is the best ‘professional development’ opportunity for any senior leader. I loved the ‘broad sector’ focus that characterized the early Conversations--which, from an educational standpoint, advanced strategies for how leaders might lead more effectively. And I appreciate how the gatherings have evolved, with the more recent ones focused on the cultivation of an "appreciative" orientation to the work, and the inclusion of practices that address how one might simply BE a more effective leader. While subtle, the shift (from ‘doing’ to ‘being’) is conspicuous in the agenda itself, which now incorporates greater opportunity for personal reflection and organizational planning. And while Gary is a wonderful, enthusiastic facilitator, the  best and most unique element of each Conversation is the cohort he assembles. It's both invigorating and inspiring to be in the company of such thoughtful, committed colleagues. In short, Gary Hubbell's Conversations have been the most personally and professionally enriching gatherings in my 40-year career. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking fresh eyes and approaches to their work.”

Tom Soma

Attending Conversation

Position titles and sector boundaries dissolve as we embrace the rich mix of participants. Non-profit, for-profit, government, foundation, church, consultant, coach.  Some are running big organizations; others, small teams. Some are bringing a youthful zeal to new work; others are seasoned and seeking to contribute in new ways; still, others are seeking ways to reimagine themselves in pursuit of their greatest personal contribution. These are the individuals — and teams — who bring each Conversation to life.

After several years, we have witnessed a set of characteristics among participants who seem to invest the most energy and derive the most benefit from Conversation. The most engaged participants are those with a willingness to contribute, a commitment to openness, and a desire for profound change.



Leaders leave Conversation enriched, reconnected with their intention, and confident in a way to see with new eyes their own strength and the enormous opportunity around them. And from that comes lasting contribution for making change at the scale of the whole.

Nominate Someone for Conversation

What kind of world do you want? What change are you most eager to make/evoke? Who do you know who most wants to:

  • Experience a deep grounding in their own authentic wisdom and inner value, seeing the direct connection between their "being" and "doing."
  • Learn how to reframe and positively influence processes central to leader success and greater impact: fostering an appreciative, generative, improvisational culture; explore possibility with the whole system; and provide meaning for your partners AND consequence for society.
  • Build and voluntarily join a community of leadership practice of like-spirited individuals.
  • Draw ongoing insight and value from a mentor/coach for an extended period, thereby benefiting from tailored situational guidance on new and reinforced leadership initiatives.


Working With Gary Hubbell Consulting

Expect to achieve positive clarity, generative insight, and whole system breakthrough. Individuals and organizations with whom I work illuminate and sustain their true essence of goodness and alignment with life-sustaining/life-enriching principles that, when serving as the context of their work, enable their people to make incredible contributions to the world.