What Do You Most Want to Do Now?

What might be possible for you and the people you’re working with if you could more fully …

  • Illuminate strengths and assets?
  • Connect your whole stakeholder ecosystem?
  • Recognize possibility?
  • Envision bold futures?
  • ­Design, prototype ideas, and adapt more quickly?
  • ­Develop sustainable resource strategies?
  • ­Achieve more genuine leverage for greater impact?

What that means to most who contact us is an interest in Direction. Inflection. Fuel.


Is the Fit Right? 

That’s probably best determined through conversation together. So, let’s explore it. Absent that, there are many who have become clients and partners (and friends!) over the years from every sector—nonprofit, for-profit, foundations, government, and individual consultants and coaches. Perhaps you see yourself in one or more of these descriptions:

  • Long-serving leaders transitioning (in mindset and/or physically) to a new space;
  • Mission- and shareholder-focused CEOs and executives with their hands on the steering wheel;
  • Innovators, change agents, organizational development folks, and people drawn to the art of collaboration;
  • People with broad operations responsibility, for whom the idea of organizational coherence is central to their felt success;
  • ­Pairs, triads of leaders leaning into an initiative, desiring an opportunity to challenge their assumptions about leadership and leverage;
  • Consultants and coaches working to create lift and possibility for others…and, in so doing, to grow their own business;
  • People for whom equity, fairness, and the notion of some spiritual/humanistic centering and grounding is seen as a deeply held value; and
  • People who are confident, appreciative, and curious.

About Gary


Let’s get the embarrassingly personal stuff out of the way:

  1. My nickname at Orangetheory Fitness is SplatMan (yeah, that begs for more details. We’ll have to talk!)
  2. I can bust out a spontaneous wicked cool air guitar solo

While I don’t take myself too seriously, I’m serious about coaxing from individual leaders and organizations their highest and best expression for positive, cascading impact.

In a nutshell, I teach people how to do hard stuff by first reconnecting them to what they’re already good at. I give inspired leaders a framework for influencing change and motivating action.

In the early days people came to me for toolkit stuff (campaign studies, board retreat facilitation, research projects, and strategic plans). My practice has evolved as the needs of clients have evolved. The pattern I see now is prospective clients feeling:

  • Uncertain about the way forward
  • Desire to get everyone on the same page
  • Recognition that conventional methods aren’t working anymore
  • Weariness from the pursuit of metrics not tied to social improvements
  • Confusion stemming from complexity and risk related to every move
  • A growing sense of isolation—as if their perspective is now out of sync with their colleagues
  • Fear of being seen as not having the answer

What’s the Value to You? 

What we’re offering you is simple … and powerful. It’s the activation and translation of shared imagination. The result is you feeling grounded and confident before your dearest stakeholders. For your business, that means accelerating direction, inflection, and the fuel by which to get there.

Client Point of View

Pearl cropped.jpg“What I set out to do I couldn't do alone. I didn't have the knowledge or the depth and breadth of skill to accomplish what I needed. The Hubbell team made that possible. They cared deeply about what I was trying to achieve. Therefore, it felt less about a consultant and client; it felt personal. When you've got someone that's interested in, supportive of, and caring about what you're doing, it's a very happy experience.” 

-Pearl Veenema, Ontario, Canada

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