Curriculum / Learning Outcomes


Illuminating core purpose - the essence of your brand

  • Seeing the full spectrum of your work through a different lens
  • Identifying and fully leveraging your strengths (envisioning a resilient practice)
  • Partners (collaborators), pricing (setting your value), and path (the dominant posture with clients)
  • Post-session reflective exercises will be provided – I’ll be guiding you through an exercise to help you envision and describe what you see as the driving environmental forces that will shape the future of your practice. Using a scenario planning 2x2 quadrant map, you’ll give voice to four plausible futures for your practice. You’ll then use this scenario map as a reference point through which you experience and absorb (and ultimately apply) the learnings from the remaining two sessions).



Session 2

Getting clearer about your business model…so you can better map your practice impact – rehearsing the future

  • Partners, pricing, and products
  • Addressing the issue of scale – business model considerations     
  • Post-session reflective exercises will be provided – based on our discussion to this point, I’ll invite you to storyboard your next chapter practice roll-out and impact. This exercise will enable you to fuse your earlier thinking about plausible futures with your envisioned sense of your own highest possibilities.

Session 3

Having an ongoing dialogue with your marketplace

  • What’s your story: the story of you, the story of us, the story of now?
  • Brand governs channel selection – creating your (new) niche
  • Business development is a relationship and every relationship is a conversation



  • Co-determined with those who most want to attend