Curriculum / Learning Outcomes

Session 1: Centering and Resetting - Being Grounded in Your Best

  • Balancing leadership tensions: the call to action from conscious awareness
  • Illuminate (and accept) your core strength as leverage
  • Reimagine how you can lead from where you are – you as an agent of positive change
  • Post-session reflective exercises will be provided

Session 2: Welcoming the Mystery of Letting Go the Myth of Control

  • Understanding the counterintuitive path of your leadership journey – what it takes to be more generative
  • Repacking for a new future – what could be released and what might be brought forward?
  • Turning regular meetings (virtual and co-located) into transformative conversations
  • Post-session reflective exercises will be provided

Session 3: Lessons From the Highpoints of Your Past – Learning From the Emerging Future

  • An introspective reflection – Taking stock before taking action
  • The history of your future 
  • Action planning your leadership contribution and impact moving forward


  • Co-determined with those who most want to attend