Session 1: The pandemic exposed the weakness and the strength. Everything now is new.blank-slate-400x267.png

  • Blank slate reality in this moment - Reimagining and reinventing your path
  • Inviting and celebrating learning moments - Victories and values transmission
  • Pandemic lessons: planning in the context of high uncertainty + low agreement
  • Your language and questions can accelerate inflection
  • Post-session reflective exercises will be provided

Session 2: Focusing unapologetically on what’s true, good, and possible

  • Unlocking creativity and embracing collaboration - Rethinking how you plan 
  • Appreciative inquiry can create a transformation slingshot 
  • From connection to engagement - Using technology to harness stakeholder desire 
  • Post-session reflective exercises will be provided

Session 3: Accelerating ideation, ownership, and resolve for a new way forward

  • Moving at the speed of the whole stakeholder ecosystem – pandemic lessons and beyond
  • Overriding yesterday’s S.W.O.T. defaults to embrace S.O.A.R.
  • Using strength-based prototyping to accelerate the best ideas to life


  • Co-determined with those who most want to attend