how will your learning unfold

Outcome-driven virtual deep dives into leadership, organizational learning, and professional practice issues. Each workshop is a series of three 90-min modules over 15 days (schedule co-determined with you)—compressed enough for you to experience the continuity and “just-in-time” applicability of the learnings…and…expansive enough for you to breathe, reflect, and practice in between modules. This design builds a sense of readiness as you reimagine your work resulting from this disruption…and/or launch into your next initiative.

Participants are leaders, change-makers, and professionals from across all sectors. Curriculum is developed and curated by me for these skill-building, application oriented, interactive, small group peer learning sessions.

Each workshop is recorded and available to registrants two ways: 1) through audio/video/text recording; and 2) with a visually-rich graphic storyboard summary developed by ActionCraft. Participants need access to Zoom, a web camera, and a stable internet connection

Workshops available now: (Click each for detail)


Leading from Strength
SO THAT…My leadership amplifies the core conditions of my/our success


Direction & Inflection
SO THAT…we achieve previously unimagined results 


Organizational Adaptability
SO THAT…we grow a culture of cascading possibilities


Regenerative Philanthropy
SO THAT…all relationships reciprocate trust, appreciation, and investment


Robust Practices
SO THAT…your consulting brand grows amidst nourishing client partnerships for good

New workshops and content are added periodically, so please check back.