Leadership Training Presentations

Gary is often called upon to consider known tactical solutions from a new perspective. In so doing, he helps to unleash the true potential for creativity and greater authenticity among individuals and groups. The following presentations are available for download.

Questions Leaders Should Be Asking Now - Presentation & Report

On Tuesday, April 21, 2020, leaders from education, health care, consulting, human services, community, culture, religion, philanthropy, and business came together to contribute to our mutual teaching and learning about leadership during this pandemic moment. They connected virtually from across Canada and the US (including Hawaii and Alaska), Singapore, and India. This slide deck framed and supported the one hour discussion and this summative report is the result.

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The Spectrum of Philanthropy Postures in a Population Health Context

Description: As we navigate the current environment of Population Health, we have to reexamine the posture of philanthropy (and the professionals charged with its growth and effectiveness). This one pager was developed to frame internal discussions about some available options. We're working with hospital health systems on reimagining their possibilities. Hope this adds value to your current thinking and planning.

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Planning Implications from Community Capacity Assessment

Description: Along with co-presenter Mark Larkin, Gary describes five key methods for assessing community wealth and giving capacity. Together, the presenters outline how these methods influence planning and decision making.

Presentation Date: October 26, 2012

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Relevance, Interest & Meaning: Engaging Millennials

Description: Along with co-presenter Mary Reinders, Gary tells the story of who the Millennial Generation is, what they want, and – recognizing that – how best to communicate with them and truly engage them in the life of the institution.

Presentation Date: June 28, 2011

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Major Gift Prospect Cultivation, Strategy Development, & Tracking

Description: Gary helps field teams rebalance their approach and their mindset about why and how to approach relationship cultivation differently. Authenticity is key, as is purposeful listening. He outlines how this is the cornerstone of developing a realistic partnership approach with major gift prospect cultivation planning.

Presentation Date: May 19, 2011

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Performance Benchmarking - What the Flight Crew Needs to Know

Description: Hubbell and retired college president, Bryant Cureton, presented research and their experience "in the trenches" to enable chief advancement officers to learn how benchmarking fundraising performance helps to plan and communicate with the president, cabinet, and trustees. They make the case for strategic benchmarking as a way to shift the conversation and behavior in pursuit of best practices. As a result, more focused and more effective communications lead to stronger relationships between and among the VP, the president, and the trustees.

Presentation Date: 2/19/09

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It's Not Your Campaign, It's Their Campaign

Description: Gary teamed with long-time client and colleague, Shari Scales, to make this presentation at the 2008 AHP International Conference. The presentation revolves around managing a campaign with unprecedented barriers to success and using a campaign as a means of fostering lifelong relationships that go well beyond one-time campaign gifts.

Presentation Date: 9/26/08

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Conducting a Staff-Led Feasibility Study

Description: The key points of this presentation include: 1) understanding the merits of conducting the study in-house; 2) understanding if, when, and how to use counsel; 3) demystifying the process and empowering the internal team; and 4) learning what is involved in conducting a study – whether in-house or outsourced.

Presentation Date: 6/19/08

File Size: 403 KB – pdf

Benchmarking Fundraising Performance: Why, How, & What Impact It Can Have on Your Bottom Line

Description: This presentation was made to the Willamette Valley Development Officers (Oregon) in June, 2008. The materials address the case for fundraising benchmarking, designing your benchmarking approach, and sharing lessons learned from benchmarking to applying the results for impact.

Presentation Date: 6/12/08

File Size: 1.05 MB – pdf

If Your Annual Fund Plan Won't Fit on One Page, You Don't Know Where You're Going

Description: This presentation to a statewide AFP Chapter is a comprehensive look at how to approach planning for the annual fund, with real results in mind. A tiered approach to unit planning, who to involve, timing considerations, tracking mechanisms... you name it.

Presentation Date: 2/19/07

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Optimizing Your Development Efforts & Capital Campaigns

Description: This presentation, made to the chief development officers of the five-state regional Providence Health System, explores how campaigns are changing. The discipline and focus necessary for success is outlined, as is an interpretation of metrics, attitudinal research, and the "hedgehog concept" – all tied to campaign success.

Presentation Date: 3/2/06

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A Conceptual Model for Viewing the Development Program

Description: This graphic and narrative presents the three focuses of an effective, balanced development program, working from the outside-in.

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