Conversation 2018

Authentic Leadership Leverage
An Adaptation and Impact Lab



Minneapolis (April 18 - 20)
(Back row L to R) Craig McGarry; Michelle Walker; Jay Vogelsang; Marv Baldwin; Bill Tiedemann; Kevin Boettcher; Chris Beach
(Front row L to R) Emily Smith; Gary Hubbell; Martin Jennings

Portland (October 3 - 5)
(Back row L to R) Jacquie Gregor; Jessie Eagan; Shari Scales; Matt Senecal; Gary Hubbell
(Front row L to R) Shannon Diede; Ronecca Norvell;
Kevin Bacon

With a shared intention to lead with authenticity, there is an equally shared intention to have more positive impact in the world. Before looking into the leadership applications or tactics, we strove to consider some true cornerstones of this authentic leadership posture. First was acceptance that we must truly open ourselves fully (minds, hearts, and will) to ground our work/approach in our conscious awareness and to act accordingly. Second, we peeled away multiple layers of management myth and unchallenged assumptions to see the value and positive leverage from drawing keen attention to life-giving forces already at work in our enterprises. Finally, we turned to explore the power of a single conversation—a single relationship—as, perhaps, the requisite building block of the kind of organizational and community change we most want to see.