Conversation 2017

Authentic Leadership Leverage
Conversation of Discovery, Adaptation, and Impact

During the second half of the year, two cohorts of leaders came together to explore one another's highest and best hopes for leverage and greater/sustained impact on one's organization, community, and the world. To ground ourselves for this rich discussion, we unpacked some thinking about authenticity. Many of the best leaders believe that to be successful and fulfilled, they must truly open themselves fully (open mind, open heart, and open will) to ground their work/approach in their conscious awareness and act accordingly.

This conscious awareness -- which is typically not single-sourced or one dimensional -- is, nonetheless, an animating force for right action and good. Because it is an expression of what is truest and best about the individual, it produces a radiating humility and greater ease in approaching the engagement of others whose innovation and energy is essential to harnessing the untapped potential of any organization.

Properly grounded, leaders can then: contribute in new, healthy, sustainable ways to organizational culture; unleash imaginative initiatives that help the entire organization and key stakeholders learn from the future and from one another; and foster a sense of gravitational pull for donors and investors who seek true alignment between their highest imagined personal impact and the social transformation your organization aspires to bring about.

Cohort 1: July 12-14

Cyreena Boston Ashby
Chief Executive Officer
Oregon Public Health Institute

Amanda Bennett
Administrative Director
Children's Center

Garett Brennan
Founder/Creative Director
Three Pin Strategy+Design

Katie Dobler
Chief Operations Officer
The Portland Clinic

Alana Kambury
Starvation Alley Farms

Laurie Kelley
Chief Development Officer
Providence Foundations of Oregon

Andrew Noethe
Executive Director
L'Arche of Portland

Traci Rossi
Executive Director
Center for Women's Leadership
Hatfield School of Government

Lisa Scardina
Chief Administrative Officer - Clinical Services and PMG
Providence Health & Services

Matt Senecal
Development Officer
Concordia University

Brandi Tuck
Executive Director
Portland Homeless 
Family Solutions

Jamie Vandergon
Chief Operating Officer
Trillium Family Services

Cohort 2: November 1-3

Sarah Adams
Executive Director
CASH Oregon

Thomas Bandar
Executive Director
Lutheran Music Program

Megan J. C. Bouslaugh
Vice President for Student Affairs &
Title IX Coordinator
Concordia University

Nancy Davis
Consultant for Social Justice Organizations
and Collaborations
Nancy Davis Consulting

Susan Foley
President, UA Foundation and Chief Development Officer, UA System
University of Alaska Foundation

Lynne Groom
Director of Stakeholder Engagement
Concordia Foundation

Jason Hagen
Director, Executive Relations &
Community Engagement
Concordia University-Portland

Marni Halter
Halter Business Group

Lisa Kane
Chief Administrative Officer
Trillium Family Services

Mike Madison
Senior Development Officer
Concordia Foundation

Benjamin Moll
Assistant Vice President and NWCCU Accreditation Liaison Officer
Concordia University

Andrea Paluso
Executive Director
Family Forward

Kim Read
Interim Dean of Libraries
Ass't Prof. of Library & Information Science
Concordia University

Megan K. Riebe
Associate Vice President of Development
& Executive Director
University of Alaska Foundation

Trish Turchiarolo-Vanoni
Director of University Special Events
Concordia University

A few photos to convey the flavor of our interaction…