International Humanitarian




This 12 year old organization had experienced great success and a growing grassroots brand of authentic engagement. The board model of governance originally adopted was producing organizational tension, characterized by: 1) growing objection to the current dues structure; 2) low participation of board members in fundraising; 3) limited availability and personal commitment to board work among some members; and 4) a growing perception that the board had not adequately internalized the intention of the strategic plan. These tensions revolve around the perception that board and membership are not keeping pace with the evolution of the organization overall.


Foster among board members a willingness and acceptance of the need for significant governance structure changes in ways that neither abandoned the bold strategic plan goals nor disenfranchised the board representatives from future participation in the life and desired outcomes of the organization.


Design and facilitate a process with a board and executive leadership team to:

  • Articulate organizational value(s) 

  • Revise board bylaws to accommodate a new, focused governance role

  • Revise board bylaws to streamline membership and dues


Within a 6 month period, the following results were achieved:

  • A leadership vanguard identified the core issues and process path to solution

  • Board members engaged more deeply than ever before on alignment with a bold strategic plan

  • Significant changes in board bylaws were adopted, paving the way for board composition changes, membership structure, and resulting operating finances