Business Model and Strategic Plan.


Founded in 1905 and transformed to a seeding ministry in 1961, Wheat Ridge Ministries had long been a funding catalyst for faith-based health and human care initiatives on a global stage. Over time, Wheat Ridge has become a catalyst, partner, and trusted resource in nearly all parts of the world. Generations of Lutheran donors and people of faith sought out this organization for start-up grants and programmatic solutions.


Develop a new strategic plan in the midst of: 1) an economic recession; 2) increased requests for Wheat Ridge funding assistance; 3) attrition of the traditional donor base without commensurate generational replacement; and 4) costs related to the largest source of contributed income continuing to rise. Leaders had scheduled and held a Future Summit, which was to frame and inform a business model generation and strategic planning process, resulting in a 3 - 5 year transition plan.


Design and facilitate a process of business plan development and strategic planning.


Leverage an existing Business Plan Generation process to guide executives and board members through process which yielded:

  • A proposed organizational theory of change

  • Scanning the landscape of other pioneers

  • Ideation of numerous potential business model

  • Rigorous evaluation of business model candidates

  • Financial models developed to rehearse the imagined future

  • Selecting a transformational new business model and articulate the transition phase and strategic roll-out