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HealthEast Care System

I invited Gary Hubbell Consulting in to assist us with strategic planning. The benefit I didn't expect but value highly is that Gary and his team helped us develop a whole systems view and helped us "live into our vision" of optimal health and well-being for our patients, our communities and ourselves.  Initially, I assumed we would be developing a more traditional strategic business plan for our foundation.  From day 1, Gary and his team challenged us to look beyond the typical lens of our organization and sector and to consider the broader community health and well-being context; and then our role in this living system.  They weren't satisfied with simply developing a plan; they truly became part of our team and immersed themselves into our vision.  They coached us to boldly "disturb" the system and consider what we could accomplish in true partnership with the community while also being very focused on the practical implications for a health system with regard to population health and the transformation from volume to value.

For over three years we used the services of Gary Hubbell Consulting for overall strategic planning, scenario planning, asset mapping, social network analysis, fundraising consulting, grant making consulting, and board of director strategy and development. They demonstrated their capabilities by exceeding our expectations and pushing us for even greater impact in all areas.  They also took a very deep dive into current industry and philanthropy trends; way beyond any previous approach I have seen.

Having a consultant who works as effectively with my CEO and board as they do with my staff is crucially important to me. Across all these relationships, Gary Hubbell Consulting developed a very early, deep, strong and authentic relationship with our CEO, board members, my staff and our community partners. GHC is adept at developing trust and a customized approach for each partner and relating to each partner in an authentic manner.

John Swanholm, Vice President

Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation

What I set out to do I couldn't do alone. I didn't have the knowledge or the depth and breadth of skill to accomplish what I needed. The Hubbell team made that possible. Beyond making that possible they cared deeply about what I was trying to achieve. Therefore, the support that one would receive in that context was less about a consultant and client. It felt personal. When you've got someone that's interested in what you're doing, supportive of what you're doing, and caring about what you're doing, it's a very happy experience.

Pearl Veneema, President and CEO

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Oregon and SW Washington

Gary has designed and facilitated four board retreats and two year-long planning processes during my 15 year tenure as executive director of Ronald McDonald House Charities of Oregon and Southwest Washington. He's an extraordinary collaborator, creator, synthesizer, and visionary who has earned the trust of board and staff members, and engaged literally hundreds of stakeholders in both the input and dissemination of information. The result in every case is a process in which everyone is vested in the preparation, creation, and execution of the plan. Our reputation as a leading Chapter in the international Ronald McDonald House Charities system is due in considerable measure to his thoughtful guidance in planning processes that are increasingly and distinctly organic.

Tom Soma, Executive Director

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Gary, I wanted to thank you for offering such fabulously entertaining, enlightening, and forward thinking exercises for our leaders. You have been inspirational to work with and I am grateful for the experience. You fulfilled the vision I had of the day in spades--our alumni were invigorated and motivated--and all very proud of belonging to the Warhawk Tribe. With your help, I believe we have set the stage for some exciting growth and that the day will be remembered as a defining moment in the Embrace Our Future Campaign. While we already had the alumni and staff to be successful, you were the genius chemist who knew exactly which proportions to take of fact, story-telling, drama, raw enthusiasm, and faith to propel us forward.

Kate Canfield Loftus, Executive Director, Office of University Development

Foods Resource Bank

If somebody is considering working with Gary, particularly on a longer‑term strategic educational planning issue, I think you'd be hard pressed to find somebody who brings more breadth and depth in vision to the table.He doesn't try to apply some cookie‑cutter approach but really digs in and figures out what's best for the organization, the people in the organization, and those people the organization aims to serve.

Marv Baldwin, CEO

Wheat Ridge Ministries

I had known Gary a little bit before we worked with him on this effort. He's a really personable guy, extremely intelligent, well‑read, always looking for the new ideas and trends out there and trying to apply them. From my vantage point, we had a really great working relationship. He was very sensitive to some of the pressures and needs I was going through as I was trying to lead this process. He takes copious notes, somehow, while he's leading folks through these things, which is maybe an underappreciated value of his services. We knew exactly what we had all said and agreed to in real time, which is really something.

Rick Herman, CEO

Providence Cancer Center

Rarely does one find that person who can reach down and lift out from deep within us those gifts that push us from being content to being inspired.  That person is Gary Hubbell.  Over the course of the nearly two decades that I have come to know this coach, planner, and development counselor, my professionalism and leadership have grown to places I never thought possible.  When it comes to strategy development, Gary asks (and expects the same of you) the hard questions to help determine the best path-even if that path means an end and a new beginning.  On major gift work, Gary helps identify the authenticity of our self-relationship in order that we may lift out of others that which they aspire to accomplish. If it's validation of long-held ideas, templates that have worked for others, and only the words you want to hear that you seek, Gary will disappoint.  But if you're ready to take your leadership, your team, and your organization on a journey toward self-discovery, new ground, and exceptional achievement, look no farther.  I stand on this conviction, forever changed.

Shari Lynn Scales, CFRE, Inspiration Architect