Curriculum / Learning Outcomes

Session 1: Adaptability…in service of what? Getting clear about “the big WHY”

  • Harvesting the best of your lived experience – moments of improvising on the “fly”
  • Determining where your leadership influence creates greatest leverage
  • We’ve learned to ask, “What is essential?” So, what now?
  • Post-session reflective exercises will be provided

Session 2: How to seed and strengthen adaptive muscle

  • Pandemic lessons: the case for agility in the context of high uncertainty + low agreement
  • How might you build cooperative capacity across the whole organization?
  • Post-session reflective exercises will be provided

Session 3: Creating a sustainable culture of possibility

  • Embedding curiosity: fostering an appreciative team/corporate culture 
  • Focusing courageously on strengths and your root conditions of success
  • Articulating milestones of the shift


  • Thursdays July 30, & August 6, 13
  • 12:00 - 1:30 p.m. Eastern

Price: $595 per person (team participation packages available)