ACCELERATING GROWTH of conscious awareness SERIES

Right action requires clarity and focus. It requires some stillness—sitting with the questions. One generative question may provide the opening you seek.

Sometimes, one good take-away can clear away the fog of uncertainty and renew your resolve. It’s looking increasingly clear that we’re now running a marathon instead of a sprint. Your agility, adaptability, and resilience will be tested…perhaps like never before. That’s why illuminating strengths—yours personally and the best of what is all around you—is essential to your success. Let’s sit together with a question…and see what emerges.


  • Tuesdays June 2 -September 15
  • 1:00 - 2:15 p.m. Eastern

Registration Options:

  • Paid:
    • Individual topic registration: $100
    • Set of any four: $325
  • Free:
    • Fee waived, as needed

Topics include:

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  • June 2: What’s the right way to reach out to benefactors right now?
  • June 9: What is the current environment revealing about me, my team, my organization and its purpose?
  • June 16: What might multiple plausible futures look like for your enterprise? How might scenario thinking foster organizational agility?
  • June 23: How can I navigate the paradox of this moment (e.g., included/excluded, scarcity/abundance, enough/not enough, etc.) in ways that builds and strengthens community?
  • June 30What is really essential for the outcomes you seek? Repacking for this new future – what could be released and what might be brought forward?
  • July 7What if your leadership brand is shaped by the questions you ask? What might you change?
  • July 14How might you reimagine possibilities as if you’re running a start-up?…because, essentially due to the pandemic, you are!
  • July 21What are the greatest lessons we’ve learned so far from our response to the current situation? What assumptions have been busted? What new truth seems undeniable?
  • July 28How can you prioritize in a crisis? How might your image of the future become a filter for determining what’s really important now? 
  • August 4What might the best expression of our commitment look like moving forward if we seek to truly engage our whole community, now that our hearts are broken wide open?
  • August 11If you have the courage to unapologetically draw attention to espoused values and organizational culture, what might you find…and how would you respond?
  • August 18What might be possible if an entire community of nonprofits join together in a common imagination of a thriving community?
  • August 25What does vitality look like on a team, organization, and/or community basis? What might I (we) do to make the best contribution toward that?
  • September 1: If in your professional capacity, the pandemic afforded you the opportunity to work from home, what key learning do you have about what is the essential essence of your work and contribution to mission? What seemed to just fall away, perhaps becoming superfluous in the new reality?
  • September 8: What lessons are we learning now that may have long been the wisdom of indigenous peoples? With our conscious awareness opening a bit, how and what might we learn?
  • September 15: What one or two things are we beginning to do in new and different ways now that you would want to spotlight and have us extend and perhaps keep doing into the future?